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Abby Enghirst

Why me? I get really excited about the amazing things colleagues and entrepreneurs, artists and academics—and you!—are doing. I am energized when I get to work with talented individuals who are pursuing all types of different endeavors. As a committed lifelong learner, I love the challenge of deciphering dense themes or finding connections in discrete concepts and then presenting the information in a clear and accessible way. I am also fanatical about understanding different perspectives.


While I am well versed in the particulars of various style guides—and will happily debate the appropriate number of spaces after sentences or the merits of the Oxford comma—what I really care about is how to use those tools to make writing easier to read and comprehend. I care about word choice, syntax, and paragraph structure because of how they affect readability.


So far, my journey has included stops in Oregon, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Alaska, and New Zealand. I’ve worked with amazing colleagues—from scientists and policy makers to consumer marketing professionals and graphic designers to independent business owners—across government, academia, nonprofit, and corporate sectors. My work has taken me from Noatak, Alaska to Tromsø, Norway to Te Araroa, New Zealand. I’m as comfortable in a snow cave as I am at dinner with the president of Iceland (yes, both were work assignments). For every project I work on, I draw on this range of experiences and relationships.


In my free time, you’re equally likely to find me in high heels or ice hockey skates. I’m constantly plotting my next outdoor recreation-based travel itinerary or road trip to complete my quest to see a game at each NHL arena. I’ll drive miles out of my way to see a roadside attraction (giant fiberglass giraffe—count me in!) and I never turn down a cup of coffee.

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